The path of metamorphosis.

Years back when I was growing up amidst the calm surroundings in a tiny town situated on the bank of river Ganga, I never imagined that the world could be so big and diverse for a human being. But gradually, along with my perception and understanding of the fast-changing world, I realized the theory and the practicality behind this diversity and largeness.

The largeness is so astonishing because we humans ourselves are very small to scale a planet even if its a smaller one like our earth. The diversity still exists because humans love their habits(place, food, dress, weather, language, etc) and divide their coequals based on their culture and linguistic differences.

That’s not a bad thing, but our blood vessels do not get tired until we treat our coequals either as a God or as a garbage, It fully depends on which people go where(you understood, right?).

Watching and witnessing all these I too become tired but come back to the senses each time I realize that I want to lead as a different genre that will surely have diversity but there will be some static things, such as love, compassion, emotion and a helping hand everywhere you look at.

Therefore, I cannot claim to be a metamorphic but I can definitely assert that I am on the course of embracing a metamorphosis that will have the power to overcome immorality and embrace humanity.

Thanks for going through this blog. I appreciate your patience and value your time.


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