A spectacular glimpse of heritage of my city kolkata

Just take a look,with technology upbringing our culture & fantasy we surely try to embrace the fact that we can excel in our endeavour.



cologne_city-wallpaper-1366x768I’m struggling to work hard,I’m struggling in pain to achieve my aim in life,though I’m just 23 but I’m losing hope of fulfilling my dreams.

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Garlands of Emotion

I’m an Indian but world is my home & I don’t see any discrimination among the citizens of this world. Here in Word Press hopefully citizens of every country are present &share their views but I wonder that why citizens of the third world are always deprived of equality in terns of health,education,quality of life,let alone the matter of wealth. People who are willing to help raise this impoverished beings’ lives are badly targeted either by the Governments or by the Upper classes who are peacefully afraid of losing the status of RICH.

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